Vaginal Orgasms Not a Myth

by DoctorG on May 1, 2012

I agree with the article below that women should educate themselves about sexuality and what pleasures them or not.  However, I disagree with the conclusion that vaginal orgasms are a myth.  Most sexologists now accept at least clitoral, vaginal and “blended” orgasms.  I agree with Grafenberg that, “Innumerable erotogenic spots are distributed all over the body, from where sexual satisfaction can be elicited; these are so many that we can almost say that there is no part of the female body which does not give sexual response, the partner has only to find the erotogenic zones.” – Gary Schubach, Ed.D., A.C.S.

Vaginal orgasm remains a myth

by: Rebecca Zukowski

It is impossible to say at what age Americans will stop believing in the myth of the vaginal orgasm, much like how children grow up to stop believing in the Easter bunny. Women need to educate themselves on sexual activity, what provides them with pleasure and what does not. If women do not play an active part in the dialogue regarding their orgasms, much of their troubles will continue… more

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