Sexual Union

From You I Receive

Sexual Union


A journey into altered states of consciousness



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The union between man and woman is as
purposeful as every act in the universe . . . .
it is with order and reason. . .
Tantra: The old eastern mystical schools
speak of all life as union . . .everything
is somehow connected with everything else
even though we might not be aware of the
connections, it is beyond the realm of
our understanding. . .
Sexual union enables us to go through a variety of different spaces of consciousness, it can be exercise and dance, romping and playing, it can be, massage and sensual, fantasy and frivolity, meditation and healing. . .all this, that too, and then some…
Let us define meditation as opening ourselves to another level of perception. . .
The purpose of the following meditations
is to enable us to integrate our sexuality
as a wholesome and positive aspect of our
beings. .to unify. . . to go beyond the realm of separations and distinctions and breathe the flow of sex as wholesome, healing, relaxing, and a source of rejuvenation and sharing. . .

For many of us sex is a doing act. .a working dance. . . that gets higher and higher. . .more intense and energy filling,
leading to a climax, and then rolling you down another side of the mountain.

The climax or ejaculation . . . the build-up of




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all this internal energy. . . where does it
go?  According to modern physics, energy
can neither be created nor destroyed. . . .
just changes in forms and structure. . . . . .
All of us are aware as to the amazingly
different flow of energy, or perception
of those few eternal seconds. . coming. .
to. . . came. . for many of us the afterglow
is just as beautiful as was the union. . .
it is all with purpose. . for others they may feel an energy loss or drain. . .for example (the man) ” Oh why did I do this, it happens every time. . I hope she’s not pregnant. . . oh, oh, what if she is!  I came too soon. . . it was a poor performance . . . she probably thinks I’m a poor lover. . .
In tantric union the meditation is on the
being rather then the doing. . . It is in the
present rather then in working towards a
specific coming, so there is no climax or
dispersion of seed, just the sharing of
union, of being inside each other. . the
continuing meditation of becoming one. . .
So we have plateaus of awareness

Let us begin with the breath, it is the life force we all share, it is the common bond between us all, the vital life energy of our beings . . .
Lie with each other, as lovers and friends, partners in the life flow, be aware of each others breath and breathe in unison together, with each breath melting into the fullness of the other. . .
This type of co-breathing will bring about
many different levels of energy awareness . .




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Another form of breath awareness is
alternate breathing, as one partner inhales, the other exhales. This giving, receiving, sharing awareness will yield other forms of altered states of consciousness. . . . .
Rest in the comfort of each others presence. . . we are each prophets unto each other. . . we are one. . . connected. . . develop a listening spirit, born of gentleness and love. . . to bless every breath as it flies on its way. . . . .
Explore energy centers of the body by just placing your hand on any part and leaving it there, sensing a pattern of awareness. . .breath. . .Ahhh. . . lie with each other in different positions in various degrees of being clothed and naked, focus awareness on energy flow between each other, warmth, softness, strength, gentleness, excitement, relaxation, massage, stretch, play and romp. . . start with love: then go creative. . . . Allow the penis to enter the vagina during one of the relaxation periods of this meditation, for as soon as the penis is in the vagina, an incredible amount of energy is connected to another incredible amount of energy, the event could prove climatic too fast and too soon, and yet right on time.
Allow the tip of the penis to just rest on the tip of the clitoris and from there place it along the outer vaginal lips, allow the woman to hold the penis and move it slowly and gently around the portal of her love, slowness, easiness, gentleness of spirit, and awareness of healing, some beautiful



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blossoms from the infinite blossoming of
the love meditation. One rule:

don’t make rules

the more we open ourselves to the infinite variety of levels of perception the more the doors  of  perception  will  open  themselves. . . Begin slowly and easily as you start along the tantric path. . .If you are used to being in union for about five minutes and then climaxing, start with just sharing union for about two or three minutes. . .Just share some simple breath awareness together . . . Relax into each other. . . When your breathing has calmed down quite a bit you might want to start some slow easy movements or you might want to fully relax and withdraw and maybe later that evening enter each other again. . .Forget rules, regulation, and who’s keeping score. . .Be aware of positive energy sharing and life-full blessings. . . While in union rest your being for a space of time, melt into each other. . There are an infinite amount of levels that we can reach while in union. . .There is a combined energy flow that is greater then the sum of its parts, (the phenomena of synergism)

Be gentle with yourself
Be gentle with each other
We are connected


Imagine the breath changing to crystal diamond light. . .We can imagine this light filling our bodies with a radiant glow. . .
Imagine it traveling up and down our



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spine, illuminating our minds, with Love Divine. . . . 


Allow this light to fill each other’s being and be aware of the other as perfect, without pain or disease. . . whole persons, connected.  To breathe the breath of comfort and well being is to set in motion the breath of healing.  Any  energy  that  we  give  to  our partner again  comes  around  to  us . . . for it is in giving that we receive, sex and life are not two different things, it is the source of all our beings . . . it’s how we all got here this time around.  While in union imagine a sound
(for a male) coming from your belly, it would probably be one of the lower notes in your vocal range. . .allow this sound to flow from your being and fill the room with its presence. . .
(for the woman) imagine the sound coming from your womb and let it also bless the air with the fullness of its vibration. . .listen together to the blending of the tones, the harmonic overtones, the blending of sounds, the Ahhhh sound is easy to use, also oo and o, chant each others names and be aware of it as a holy sound (mantra), listen to each other. . . infinite the melodies and harmonies of the Cosmic love dance. . Decide with each other on a color and imagine your beings filled with that color. . experiment together. . you will find that various colors yield different awareness and vibrations. . . flow into different positions while in the state of union. . .be aware of the weight of each others bodies and the beauty and form of the sexual dance. . . .




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the love dance has as many movements as the heavens do stars. . .to integrate sex as a positive energy flow, we must think and act positively with it. . .to relax into each other and the life flow with a positive healing vibration of connecting ourselves to the divine beauty and holiness of which we are all a part. . . to bless each other with holy love. . .

WE ARE ONE. . . .

United with the All. . . .
Try slow breathing from deep in the belly or quick fast breathing from the center of the lungs. . .breathing thru the nose will produce a different vibration level than through the mouth. . .both should be experimented with. . .breath does not always have to be in unison. . .take a full and easy breath. . .hold for as long as it is comfortable. . .release . . .easy and relaxed. . . Ahhhh. . . .totally exhaled: suck your belly in. . . hold for as long as is comfortable. . . .breathe full and easy filling your being with radiant light and healing bright

all union is revelation
all revelation union

matter and energy
body and mind
spirit and essence
it is all together
it’s all a part of the same infinite oneness


infinite the forms
infinite the ways
infinite the changes
forever the days



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 move as much as is necessary to maintain an erection. . . allow your penis to become flaccid and loose while in the vagina. . . if you bring it out while in a state of erection you might experience the phenomena of blue balls. . .or simply a lot of stored up energy in the testicles and genital area. . .and no release. . . you probably remember the

phenomena from early days of intense petting and no  cumming. . .it can be painful. . . here again, if for some reason this does happen, treat it with gentleness of awareness. . . allow your breath to fill your testicles with relaxing energy. . . imagine the energy from your testicles radiating to all parts of the body. . . especially allow it to travel up your spine and fill your head. . .do it first with slow and easy breaths, just picture the energy traveling slowly and brightly up the spine  and  illuminating  the  organs  and the  mind . . . a centering meditation anytime is to place your hand gently around the testicles. . .hold on gently and pull lightly downward and take a full and easy breath into them. . . . be aware of the connection of your feet to the earth . . . your neck and head to the heavens. . . and your being radiating cosmic light. . . connection. . . I am a part of the universe. . . Ahhhhhhhhh. . . . . . . . . .

techniques for delaying or postponing orgasm:

Once again breath awareness is an amazing key to self discovery, to redirect orgasmic energy through the breath, any of the various techniques  may  be  utilized . . . you  are almost to the point of cumming . . . but you haven’t yet passed the point of no return. . .

*take an easy full breath. . . hold it. . .
push down and out on your anal sphincter muscles




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and put the tip of your tongue up and back
toward your throat. . . .

* slow  your  breathing  down  as  slow  as possible. . . slowly inhale. . . .very slowly exhale

*short and very fast breaths through the nose

*place your thumb and first finger gently but firmly against the head of the penis. . . (the area known as the frenulum). . . squeeze. . .breathe fully. . . let your belly relax. . .

*redirect your energy, ie: focus your
awareness on some other part of the body,
your toes, your heart. . . lightly pinch your earlobes or place your finger on your third eye point on your head. . .

notes for the woman:

*together in a quite union inhale slowly. . . very slowly. . . through a tiny opening in the lips. . . allowing  the breath  to  fully  expand  every  tissue. . . simply sipping in the life force. . . full body breathing . . . exhale . . .Ahhh . . . inwardly . . .while pulling in and up on the anus, perineum, and vagina . . . keep the abdomen soft. . . gentle embrace genitalia. . . waves of love enfolding. . .

*the Hebrew word for womb (rechem) is of
the same root as compassion. . opening our beings. . .to give comfort and healing. . . joys of gentleness and strength . . sharing dance and humor. . . movement and meditations to bless our beings . . .  it  is from a woman man is born . . . we are all one. . .

notes for the tantric couple:

*learn massage and various approaches to healing (shiatsu, acupressure, zone therapy, Swedish movement, etc. . . ). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . after engaging in union share your experience




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verbally. . .develop positive lines for open
communication and sharing with each other. . .
it is recommended to limit speaking during
tantric encounters, as this helps the building
of more intuitive and meditative spaces. . .
talk and verbal communication is more the
Reasoning-analytical mind. . . picture, colors,
images, are more the subconscious and tend
to probe into other levels of awareness. . . . .
if you are a couple thinking of having children,
tantric union builds up the seed supply in the male, and aids in making the womb fertile. . .for instance let us say that you engage in tantric sex from the first day after menstruation to around the fourteenth day of the woman’s cycle, the time when she is most fertile (assuming she is on a regular 28 day cycle). . .so all this stored up seed and energy will gush out in one enormous climax. . . with both of you in divine realization that this union and this orgasm will produce another, a divine cosmology of where one plus one equals three. . .

Specific exercises to aid in tantric awareness:
*Kegel exercises: the contraction of the anal sphincter muscle.  To locate this muscle, while urinating stop the flow.  Practice this excercise throughout the day…contract…hold…breathe…
* While in any position anywhere. . . anytime. . .a very slow breath. . .as slow as possible. . . slow inhale. . . very slow inhale
*Honey movements. . . moving various parts of your body, as slow as possible, as if you were in honey. . . awareness of balance, light and image. .
*The energy balancing points of placing on hand on your partners crown and the other hand on the coccyx, (base of spine), is very centering
*the study and practice of yoga, Aikido, dance, tai chi. . . any of the movement arts. . .yes. . . all life is movement. . .




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*learn to contact and release the anal sphincter
muscles and abdominal muscles. . .

*discover the joys of movement and guide
each other in the ways our bodies move. . .

*the wearing of a simple hat during the days
which tantra is being practiced will contribute
greatly towards energy awareness. . . .

there are no mistakes

where there is open communication, love, and trust, there  is  no  wrong  position,  no  wrong  move. . . if you are able to hold your orgasm, be gentle with yourself, energy is never lost, it just changes in flow and vibration. . .relax with yourself and your partner. . . there  is  still  always  space  for  gentle touching  or  sensual  sucking . . . turnings and learning’s . . . and the blessing of love embraces. . . listen to the sounds around you. . . go beyond your own self. . . listen to each others heart beat. . .repeat to yourself positive vibrational words such as love. . .we are one. . . I love you. . . over and over at any pace

I know that you know that I love you
What I want you to know is that I know
That you love me (Fritz Perls)

Be gentle with your spirits. . .
whatever you believe yourself to be. . .
you are more than that . .

I will be gentle with myself
I will love myself
I am a part of the universe
We are one together

Guide  each  other  through  love’s  sensual  zones. . . our  entire  beings  are  radiant  beams  of  life-full  joy. . . the  joy  of  union  is  as  cosmically  purposeful  as  is  the  eternity  of  the  stars  and  celestial  infinities. . .



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All is with a purpose. . .
all spaces have their time. . .
life is meditation. . .
theall is One Divine. . .

I am you
and you are me
and we are one together

See how we fly
See how we fly
(the beatles)



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