Scientists Seek G-Spot

by DoctorG on January 19, 2012

I believe it has been shown conclusively that the so called ‘g spot” is in fact, the Female Prostate or “prostata feminina.”  This is discussed fully in my article, “The Human Female Prostate and Its Relationship to the Popularized Term G Spot” which can be read at
Also, if you read the original Grafenberg article (, it is clear that Grafenberg was talking about the female prostate. The term ‘G Spot’ was a brilliant marketing term created by the publishers of the 1984 best selling book, “The G-Spot and Other Recent Discoveries About Sex.” It was an excellent choice in that the term ‘G-Spot’ has achieved high public recognition even though few people really understand what Grafenberg really meant.

Gary Schubach, Ed.D., A.C.S.

Does the female “g spot” really exist?


Conclusions:   Objective measures have failed to provide strong and consistent evidence for the existence of an anatomical site that could be related to the famed G-spot. However, reliable reports and anecdotal testimonials of the existence of a highly sensitive area in the distal anterior vaginal wall raise the question of whether enough investigative modalities have been implemented in the search of the G-spot. Read more….

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