October 3, 2012

Sexperience from Channel 4 in the UK provides sex advice based on people’s real experiences with questions and answers about better sex, virginity, pregnancy, STIs, contraception and more. It’s openness and honesty are very refreshing and I only wish there were more of this kind of universal, age appropriate universal sex education.

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Helen Hunt plays sex surrogate in new ‘Sessions’ movie

September 10, 2012

Really looking forward to seeing this movie.  I am hoping that it will revive the use of sex surrogacy in resolving sexual issues.  As I have said before, I believe most sexual “problems” are a result of educational deficits rather than mental illness.  The effectiveness of sex surrogacy in a limited number of sessions, as […]

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Freedom of the Seas November 10 – 17, 2013 – Jamaican Full Ship Adult Couples Charter

September 5, 2012

Freedom of the Seas – November 10 – 17, 2013 Jamaican Full Ship Adult Couples Charter   November 10 – 17, 2013 Itinerary: 8 Days and 7 Nights Leaving from the Port of Cape Canaveral on Freedom of the Seas with stops in Labadee, Falmouth (Jamaica) and Cozumel before returning to Port of Cape Canaveral. […]

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Exclusive Clip: Helen Hunt’s daring return in ‘The Sessions’ garners Oscar buzz

August 25, 2012

  “The Sessions” was one of the best received movies at this year’s Sundance Film Festival — then titled “The Surrogate” — and is now the first film of the year to garner notable Oscar buzz. Helen Hunt makes perhaps her boldest move on the big screen yet, playing a sex therapist — a hands […]

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Sexual Patterning Films

August 21, 2012

If you haven’t yet discovered the erotic tapes and DVDs in our Sexual Patterning Films, you’re in for a real treat. These are multi-disciplinary collaborative efforts by some of the finest minds in contemporary sexology, including Dr. Marty Klein, Dr. Carol Queen, Dr. Lonnie Barbach, Dr. Ava Cadell, Dr. Patti Britton and Nina Hartley. These […]

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Filmmaker Crafts Tale Of Intimacy And New Beginnings

August 4, 2012

Australian director Ben Lewin speaks about his highly-acclaimed film ‘The Sessions’, the story of Mark O’Brien, a journalist and poet confined since early childhood to an iron lung. It is about O’Brien’s desire to lose his virginity, at 39, and how a sexual surrogate helped him to achieve this. Read more:

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Doctor G Talks About The Myth of the G Spot and the Truth About Female Ejaculation In New Video

July 31, 2012

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Steve Fried of Life on Maui on the ever popular questions of whether the so called “G Spot” actually exists and what is meant by the term, Female Ejaculation. is one on the leading resources on the internet on these subjects. – Gary Schubach, Ed.D.

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What Does Linda Lingle Really Stand For?

July 25, 2012

In the last weeks I have seen a flood of visually pleasing commercials on TV, many sponsored by the U,S, Chamber of Commerce, supporting for Linda Lingle (R) for the open seat from Hawaii in the U.S. Senate which is now held by retiring Democrat, Daniel Akaka. These commercials seem to me to be totally […]

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Church suspected of being brothel deciding if ‘religion’ will be used as a defense

July 14, 2012

A number of the defendants are taking plea deals rather than fight the charges and face the possibility of conviction and jail time, plus keeping their lives on hold for a long time.  As I have discussed before, I and many of my sexologist colleagues are sympathetic to their situation but pessimistic about the ultimate […]

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The Medicalization of Female Sexual Dysfunction

July 9, 2012

I agree totally with the conclusion of this article, that women are entitled to full access to information about female sexuality and factors that can affect it. – Gary Schubach, Ed.D. The Medicalization of Female Sexual Dysfunction – Sex & Relationships Article by The advent of Viagra resulted in life-altering changes for many men […]

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The Sessions – Official Trailer

June 30, 2012

This  is the trailer for the film, The Sessions, formerly known as The Sex Surrogate.  Based on the poignantly optimistic autobiographical writings of California-based journalist and poet Mark O’Brien (John Hawkes), THE SESSIONS tells the story of a man confined to an iron lung who is determined–at age 38–to lose his virginity. With the help […]

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How Many Different Kinds of Female Orgasm?

June 28, 2012

Another article on whether a vaginal orgasm is possible.  In a recent study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine (see abstract below), six scientists with different experimental evidence debated the existence of the vaginally activated orgasm (VAO).  They seemed to agree that there is substantial evidence that a vaginally activated orgasm is possible and yet […]

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Vaginal Orgasms Not a Myth

May 1, 2012

I agree with the article below that women should educate themselves about sexuality and what pleasures them or not.  However, I disagree with the conclusion that vaginal orgasms are a myth.  Most sexologists now accept at least clitoral, vaginal and “blended” orgasms.  I agree with Grafenberg that, “Innumerable erotogenic spots are distributed all over the […]

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Does the “G Spot” Exist? – Redux

April 30, 2012

Recently, the mass media announced their interpretations of an article, G-Spot Anatomy: A New Discovery, in the May edition of the Journal of Sexual Medicine.  That article, by Adam Ostrzenski MD, concludes, from a visual examination of the cadaver of an 83 year old woman that, “The anatomic existence of the G-spot was documented with […]

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New Study Confirms Doctor G’s Conclusions About Female Ejaculation

April 9, 2012

In the past, the assumption has been that female urethral expulsions during sensual and/or sexual activity (aka “female ejaculation”) originated either in the bladder or from the urethral glands and ducts.  A new study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine confirms the conclusions of my doctoral research project that both may be the case.  In […]

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Once Again, Does the G Spot Exist?

March 28, 2012

I agree with most of the article below, although there may be a sensitive area in the vagina, there is no evidence for a specific, distinct physical structure called the g-spot, is absolutely correct. Grafenberg ( never made such a claim and was crystal clear that he was writing about the urethra and the Female […]

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Adult Films of Michael Ninn and NinnWorx

March 24, 2012

Enigmatic director Michael Ninn remains one of the most fascinating, original and unpredictable talents in contemporary adult entertainment. In the nearly 10 years since Michael Ninn’s first XXX feature, few adult directors have had a greater impact than Michael Ninn. Here are a select few of his newest offerings. Innocence 5: Little Secrets The girls […]

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15 Crazy Things About Vaginas

March 23, 2012

Do you know these 15 crazy facts about vaginas? They come from the book, What’s Up Down There?: Questions You’d Only Ask Your Gynecologist If She Was Your Best Friend [WHATS UP DOWN THERE] [Paperback]. By Lissa Rankin, M.D…. 1. Pubic hair is not just a biological accident that forces us to the waxing salon. […]

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Santorum Favors Censorship While Opposing Contraception

March 22, 2012

HERE COME THE THOUGHT POLICE!!! Rick Santorum, who doesn’t believe in birth control, now tells us that, “A wealth of research is now available demonstrating that pornography causes profound brain changes in both children and adults” This has no scientific basis. Any fact-checking reveals that such claims have no meaningful evidence behind them but are […]

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The High Cost of Ignorance in Sex Education

March 22, 2012

The United States provides just about the least sex education in public schools of any industrialized country. At the same time, we also have the highest rates of unwanted pregnancies, STD’s and sexual dissatisfaction of any industrialized country. There has been a long history in the United States of opposition to age appropriate sexuality education […]

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The Pros And Cons Of Working With A “Surrogate” In Sex Therapy

January 29, 2012

Gary Schubach, Ed.D., A.C.S. – Comprehensive Exam Question Response Discuss the pros and cons of working with a “surrogate” in sex therapy.           To begin with, it is necessary to define terms.  A sex surrogate is someone, male or female, who serves as a sex partner to the client as part of a sex therapy […]

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Uses of Surrogates in Sex Therapy

January 29, 2012

Gary Schubach, Ed.D., A.C.S. – Comprehensive Exam Question Response You are a sex therapist with a client who is a 45-year-old impotent male without a sexual partner.  You (and he) decide to use a surrogate.  How would you go about finding one?  What would you look for in her?  What instructions would you give her?  […]

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