Finding and Stimulating the G Spot Video & Transcript

by DoctorG on September 20, 2011

069386mini Finding and Stimulating the G Spot Video & Transcript is proud to offer this outstanding explanation and demonstration of finding and stimulating the G Spot that is excerpted from the DVD: The Big O, An Erotic Guide To Better Orgasms.  It features noted sex educators, Drs. Marty Klein, Robert Lawrence, and Carol Queen.

Transcript: Finding and Stimulating the G Spot

:05 The G Spot is an irregular shaped area the size of a nickel, about a third of the way into the vagina, on the top. Gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg discovered it in the 1950′s. Other researchers have recently discovered it’s part of the same nerve system as the clitoris. The G Spot swells and gets grainy when stimulated. While some women feel nothing or even discomfort during stimulation, in other women it leads to especially intense orgasms. A few women actually expel some fluid in that time. :36

:38 Like many women, Carol needs some exploration to find her G Spot. Urinate first, then get comfortable.

:52 Insert two lubricated fingers about a third of the way into the vagina and stroke the front top wall with firm upward pressure. 1:00

1:10 At the same time, press from outside with the other hand, immediately above the pubic bone. This may feel uncomfortable at first, but if you continue, you may feel great pleasure. 1:21

2:33 Carol has found that exploring her G spot with Robert can be a pleasurable and intimate experience. You can too. One way is to lie face down and open the legs, lifting your hips slightly with a pillow. Have your partner slowly slide two lubricated fingers into the entrance of the vagina and then downward. He should now press down in a circular motion on the front wall of your vagina, pausing occasionally to focus on various places. 3:01

4:03 If you prefer, you can lie on your back with a pillow under your buttocks while your partner presses up on the inside of your vagina. Help your partner find the spot more easily by moving your pelvis with him. Don’t hesitate to say what feels good and what doesn’t. 4:18

4:39 Once you’ve found your G Spot, you can experiment with your partners penis or fingers, your own fingers, or a specially designed vibrator curved to fit your vagina. By the way, it may be difficult to find or stimulate the G Spot during intercourse if you use a diaphragm, IUD or female condom. 4:57

5:13 Devices registering the body’s responses, record virtually the same data during all orgasms, however they are achieved, even if by fantasy without any touching. As far as the body is concerned, an orgasm is an orgasm. 5:27


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Seaumas July 12, 2012 at 3:23 am

Excellent demonstration of human female neuro-erotic stimulation, though in many cases expulsion of fluid (gushing) from the eurethral sponge is a result. a woman need not have actual eroto-orgasmic peak to gush. I find that it is no fault to inquire if the area has been reached and nodding or sign of pleasure is communicated such as a smile or nod. After all, the goal of this is to give the woman ultimate sexual pleasure. We must remember, though, that female orgasms are in series and build to various intensities, they do peak and recede and even regenerate. How much pleasure she receives or is able to withstand is a matter of her own communication to her partner. Orgasms with intense vocal releases have been shown through observation and instrumentation to seem to produce the highest neuro-electrical discharges and thus the most powerful and lengthy orgasms. (ref. Masters and Johnson and Holmberg, et al studies)


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