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Review of The Tantric Guide to Sexual Potency

by DoctorG on March 11, 2013

tantric-sexual-potencyI first saw the film, The Tantric Guide to Sexual Potency, in the mid-90s when I was a graduate student and I immediately dubbed it “porn stars tantra.”  Its initial distribution was through conventional adult film distributors and it faded from view fairly quickly.  I remember being impressed with how well the porn legends, Kay Parker, Mike Horner, Sharon Kane, and Jon Dough, expressed the concepts of Tantra in a way that was both understandable and entertaining to a mainstream audience.

This film is so different from anything you are likely to have seen in Adult Films before that it almost defies classification.  When most of us think of Tantra, the Asian spiritual discipline of the senses and sensuality, one thing that probably doesn’t come to mind is sexual intercourse vigorously pursued to orgasm.  It’s not that Tantra has anything against intercourse.  It’s just that there is so much more to Tantra.

This DVD could be considered a good introduction to the usefulness of Hatha Yoga and Tantra practices, while at the same time being a tantalizing erotic film, with several scenes of couples having intercourse, but with a difference.  The film begins and ends with some juicy sex scenes, looking pretty much like what most people do, except that both participants kept their eyes open and stayed present with each other.

Then there is a rather abrupt transition to a non-sexual introduction to Hatha Yoga, the Yoga of positions and breathing.  Kay Parker’s message at this point is that Hatha Yoga is the key to continued sexual potency, which is pretty hard to argue with.  After demonstrating and explaining several positions, we are shown how that exercise keeps us strong enough and supple enough to permit us to assume some challenging positions with pleasure and without straining anything.  She also makes the well-deserved point that Hatha Yoga can support Tantra practice, since Tantra is about energy and prolonging the sex act.  Regular practice of Yoga positions can help you build up your strength and stamina, as well as your ability to feel more.

After the very straight Hatha Yoga segment, there is another rather abrupt transition to a well-written essay on the essentials of Tantra , during which we have more intercourse sequences, most of which go to orgasm.  Kay Parker continues to narrate during these scenes, and you almost have to ignore what’s happening on the screen to appreciate what she is saying.

What’s great about this DVD is that it can give you some useful practices to add to your sex life, like Hatha Yoga and some basic Tantra positions, and the material is delivered in a way that certainly gets your attention, and provides some nice turn-on at the same time.  You might want to watch it twice, first to be tantalized, and the second time to be educated.  The Tantric Guide to Sexual Potency can be purchased through our Doctor G’s Adult Store.



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Sexperience from Channel 4 in the UK provides sex advice based on people’s real experiences with questions and answers about better sex, virginity, pregnancy, STIs, contraception and more.

It’s openness and honesty are very refreshing and I only wish there were more of this kind of universal, age appropriate universal sex education.


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January 12, 2008

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