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The Crystal Wand

by DoctorG on November 24, 2013

G-Spot Stimulator and
Prostate Massage Tool

from Taylor Lamborne
and Nectar Products

The Crystal Wand has been specifically designed to easily reach and stimulate the G spot.  The G spot is an area within the vagina with great sensitivity and is located in the anterior (front) wall half way between the cervix and the outer vaginal opening.  The location varies slightly with each woman and is normally difficult to reach on her own.

In some esoteric disciplines, the G spot is said to be the source of female creative power and the seat of Kundalini energy.  Women have described orgasm stimulated from this area as “a deeper and more overwhelming feeling, a more pervasive flowing sensation throughout the body, of wider waves of feeling.”  In Tantra Yoga, the G spot is said to be the feminine polarity of female sexuality and the clitoris is the masculine.

Other uses of the Crystal Wand include anal stimulation of the prostate.  It has been found to be of benefit, along with medication, for prostititus sufferers and also for stimulation of the prostate for sexual arousal in men.

Users have reported a wide variety of exciting results from using the Crystal Wand including –

*    Increased sexual energy and openness

*    Increased vitality in every area of life

*    Increased calmness and serenity

*    Awakening of dormant sensuality

*    Enhanced appreciation of the body and femininity (for women) and greater depth and sensitivity in men

*    Release of sexual and emotional tension


 The Crystal Wand is 10 inches long

and has been hand carved and shaped from pure crystal clear acrylic.



Crystal Wand - Deluxe

The New Deluxe Crystal Wand is slimmer
(only 1/2″ in diameter).
Stimulating triple balls really do the trick! Men and women alike feel that the Deluxe Crystal Wand is the best yet!!



See Doctor G and Amrita demonstrating and explaining the art and passion of the G-spot and female ejaculation in a wet and whacky, “Raw Editions” sexual variety show in the finest Dr. Susan Block Show tradition, celebrating her partner Max’s birthday.


Those who have come to love the wonderfully outrageous and frequently hilarious interviewing style of media sexologist, Dr. Susan Block, can probably imagine the fun she could have with an expert who did his Ph. D. thesis on female ejaculation, like yours truly.  Predictably, if you know Dr. Suzy, she chose to interview me about female ejaculation while I was stimulating a woman to ejaculate repeatedly.  This interview is every bit as entertaining, and every bit as informative as her previous work, and like her previous work, you don’t realize how distracting the live action accompanying the interview was until you see it again and realize how much you didn’t hear the first time through. yoni1

Now, you might have thought that nobody would ever be stupid enough to even attempt to bring a woman to orgasm while being interviewed on national television about an academic subject, but see how wrong you can be?  I humbly stand as living proof that there’s nothing so stupid that someone wouldn’t willingly do it.

In retrospect, it’s something of a miracle that the poor woman I was stimulating managed to come at all, much less repeatedly, but she did, surely earning us all a place in the Multi-Tasking Hall of Fame in the process.  Her ability to keep her attention on her pleasure, despite the outrageous conversations going on all around her, made the whole thing work perfectly against staggering odds, and she totally saved my butt in the process.  This interview is the perfect antidote for anyone who is overly impressed by doctors and experts.  I’m making it available to all of my clients, and I thought I’d share it with the rest of you as well. – Doctor G

About Dr. Susan Block

Part philosopher, part sex symbol, part humorist, part social commentator and part-time horny housewife, Dr. Susan Block is a world-renowned sex educator, therapist, best-selling author, cable TV host and star of HBO’s #1 Nielsen-rated Radio Sex TV.  A familiar face on HBO’s late-night programming, Dr. Block is the woman whom Sheila Nevins, Senior VP of Original and Late-Night Programming on HBO, credits with “showing me that sex education can be sexy television.”


A dedicated sex therapist with one of the world’s largest private practices, Dr. Block also directs the Dr. Susan Block Institute for the Erotic Arts & Sciences, a center of sex education and expression, at Dr. Suzy’s Speakeasy in downtown LA, and the Speakeasy Gallery, LA’s only permanent erotic art collection (curator: Kim Mendoza).  She is also a regular lecturer in the Human Sexuality Department at University of Southern California (USC), a visiting lecturer at Yale, a regular voice on KGO radio, and a consultant to the LA Public Defenders’ Office (sex crimes division).  Her monthly columns on Sex, Health, Politics and Culture, now syndicated by Pulp Syndicate , are published in a variety of print and online magazines, from Counterpunch to Perfect 10 , besides appearing in her own online Journal . Dr. Block  can be reached at her office at 213.749.1330, or via e-mail at drsuzyb@blockbooks.com.

The article, The Case of the Missing G Spot and Other Mysteries of Female Sexuality appears in the June, 2009, edition of Playboy Magazine. It notes I suggested in the popular version of my doctoral research project, The G Spot and Female Ejaculation, that the G spot be renamed the G-crest, but that too would be misleading. Calling it anything other than the Female Prostate perpetuates ignorance about the so called G Spot in the medical and scientific community.

I suspect that during Playboy’s research they may have read the journal or the popular version of my response, The Human Female Prostate and Its Relationship to the Popularized term G Spot, to Hines’s assertion that the so called G Spot is a gynecological myth, where I wrote, “Actually, in his writings, Gräfenberg only uses the word “spot” twice, and then solely to make the opposite point that “…there is no spot in the female body from which sexual desire could not be aroused.” I believe strongly that the search for ‘magic spots’ is hampering what it would take to really improve sexual health and enjoyment–education, erotic self-awareness, and good communication.

Playboy makes some other points that I also have theorized, including a possible biological reason for female orgasm, something “experts” have long denied as well as evolutionary nature of human sexuality. This is extremely important material as many people are experiencing the hell of sexual “problems” created by the very narrow and outdated paradigm of female orgasm that the Masters and Johnson theories promulgate.

In the years since Masters and Johnson’s first edition, my colleagues and I have done considerable research into concepts of Expanded Orgasm. This is extremely important material that allows people to realize the full potential available in their sexual relationships.

Gary Schubach, Ed.D., A.C.S.