A Satisfying Sex Life is Your Birthright!

by DoctorG on September 23, 2011

Available as a team or individually, we work with couples and singles, providing a personal, safe, non-judgmental and fun environment of discovery and education.

In our experience, most sexual difficulties arise, not because of physical or psychological problems, but from lack of education in the area of sexual expression. So how we work has a lot more to do with education and counseling than traditional “therapy.” Therapy is about healing what’s broken, and although we have several therapeutic modalities, the vast majority of the people who come to us have nothing broken. They just have bad information.

Premature ejaculation is an example of a problem caused by ignorance, and so is impotence. Sexually educated women (and men) aren’t bothered by either of those problems, but how many people do you know who have had any formal sex or sensual training? Good lovers don’t just happen. If you’ve read and seen everything you could get your hands on and still feel that there is something missing, we can provide the positive experiences and knowledge that will help you realize your highest sexual potential.

The Right Start

The first step is to accurately determine the current state of your sensual education and mindset, and for this we need some information. We make it easy for you; we give you a confidential sexual history questionnaire to fill out. When you return the questionnaire to us, the team will meet and review what you wrote. Then one of us will call you and spend up to three hours going over your answers, our conclusions, recommendations, and the reasons for those conclusions and recommendations. The cost for this very comprehensive evaluation is $299 for singles and $399 for couples (emotionally committed, opposite or same-gender partners).

Along with your evaluation, you get three FREE bonuses: The Lover’s Guide to Advanced Sexual Techniques, The Lover’s Guide to Sexual Ecstasy, and The Lover’s Guide to Ejaculatory Control-Extended Orgasm. We think they are a good way to get everybody off on the right foot, so to speak. This video collection is sold on our web site for $75.00, and it is yours for FREE.

Continuing Education

Available as a team or individually, we work with couples and singles, providing a personal, safe, non-judgmental and fun environment of discovery and education. We bring many years of research and training to help you bring forth a more gratifying understanding and experience of your own and others’ sexuality. We also teach courses in human sexuality to psychologists, counselors, educators and health professionals for continuing education credit.

Speaking of Fun

The willingness to have fun is absolutely essential to what we have to teach, so come to us determined to have a good time and you won’t be disappointed. Not only is having fun no barrier to learning, it enhances retention tremendously. For example, most men never forget the woman or women who taught them what to do with a woman’s anatomy or what those women had to say, even decades later. And no woman forgets the first guy who took the time to give her a guided tour of male anatomy. If you never had an experience like that but wish you had, it’s not too late, and you’ll probably get a lot more out of it now than when you were younger. Experiences like that can change your whole life at any age, starting with a whole new outlook and attitude. (Sex education services are available to qualified singles utilizing trained surrogate partners using safest sex practices.)

Vacation Plans

We’re located on beautiful Maui, Hawaii. If you would like to train with us as part of a Maui vacation, we will gladly arrange as intensive a training schedule as you wish while you are here, up to two sessions per day, seven days per week.

Please give us as much advanced notice of your intended visit as possible (ideally at least six weeks for scheduling purposes).

Call us at 415-459-2801 or email DoctorG@DoctorG.com to start your evaluation or for more information about sexual counseling/coaching or continuing education programs, including rates and availability.


Gary Schubach, Ed.D., A.C.S. is an internationally-known sex educator, lecturer, writer and group facilitator. A graduate of the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, he now holds a faculty position there as Associate Professor of Human Sexuality. His landmark doctoral research project in “Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot” greatly advanced the awareness of female sexual issues in the medical and academic communities. He currently leads groups that counsel and train men to more fully honor and please themselves and their partners. Click here for his complete resume. Dr.Schubach’s personal email is: DoctorG@DoctorG.com


Adrianna Grace is a personal development counsellor and healer, with 25 years in the sexual education field. She works with individuals, couples and groups, to help you learn to communicate more effectively, give and receive more pleasure, and build skills for sensual/sexual expertise.

Her personality, fun-loving nature, humor and warmth helps to create a safe space for you to feel comfortable letting your guard down, and get in touch with your deeper needs and desires.

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