By Gary Schubach, Ed.D., A.C.S.

I became interested in the subject of the treatment of hemorrhoids when I barely avoided a hemorrhoidectomy (removal by surgery) in 1997 after a friend and colleague told me about the “Keesey Technique” which puts a small DC electrical current into the hemorrhoid and causes a biochemical reaction so that the hemorrhoid shrivels up, dies, and goes away. I was so pleased with my results at avoiding major surgery that I began to accumulate material on this subject and, in 2004, I wrote a letter to the editor of The Journal of the Diseases of the Colon and Rectum that stating that the ASCR practice parameters for the treatment of hemorrhoids are outdated and needed revision in order to consider the most up to date research involving direct current electrotherapy (hemorrhoidolysis). It was published in the November, 2004 issue.

Hemorrhoidal disease is one of the most frequent, disabling, and painful conditions of mankind. It is estimated that over three quarters of the U.S. population (5.1 billion worldwide) has some degree of hemorrhoids. Over half over the people over 50 currently have some form of symptomatic hemorrhoidal disease. Patients frequently postpone examination because of concern about pain, hospitalization, and time of disability (loss of work). Delay in evaluation may lead to progression of the disease which increases the cost of treatment as well as complications. Because traditional treatments have been painful and intrusive, people have been reluctant to discuss hemorrhoids with their own physician. The Direct Current (hemorrhoidolysis) procedure is painless, effective, clinically proven in hundreds of cases and represents no disruption to your lifestyle.

Current Hemorrhoid Treatment Modalities

Rubber Band Ligation
Laser Surgery
Direct Current Hemorrhoidolysis/Galvanic Electrotherapy
•Applicable Grades: 1, 2, 3
•Percent Success:–90%
–No Anesthesia
–Easy to Perform
–High Risk Patient
–Local Pain
–Rare Hemorrhage
–Thrombosis (Blood Clot)
–Complications including sepsis, death
–Questionable Value on Grade 3 and 4
•Applicable Grades: 1, 2, (3?)
•Percent Success:
–85 – 95% for grades 1 & 2
–No Anesthesia
–Some Pain associated
–Questionable efficacy on Higher Grades
–Possible Laser Burn
•Applicable Grades: 3, 4
•Percent Success?
– Useful in severe cases
– Costly $12,000 to $15,000 +
– Requires hospital stay 2-5 days
– Extreme Pain associated
– Takes 20-50 days to fully recover
– Procedure related complications include: Death, bleeding,
recurrence, incontinence, sepsis
– Patient frequently out of work for 2-3 weeks.
•Applicable Grades:
–1, 2, 3, and 4
•Percent Success:
–85-95% grades 1 thru 3
–Safe (No reported complications)
–Easy to Apply
–No Bowel Preparation
–Applicable to All Grades
–No Anesthesia
–8-12 minute procedure vs. 1-5 with Banding & Laser

Other Hemorrhoid Articles on is proud to announce that we are now distributors for theUltroid™ electrolysis Hemorrhoid treatment method to physicians. Treatments consists of the application of a small probe (electrode) to each hemorrhoid using manual pressure under direct vision. This causes a gentle electrolysis that results in progressive and complete shrinkage of the hemorrhoidal tissue. One hemorrhoidal area is treated at each visit, the actual treatment lasting only a few minutes. The entire visit lasts less than 30 minutes per treatment. The average hemorrhoid case will require 3 treatments for symptomatic resolution. However, many sufferers have more than one hemorrhoid so additional treatments may be required.

The Ultroid™ machine has been clinically proven to be effective in treating grade I-III and some grade IV internal and mixed symptomatic bleeding or prolapsed hemorrhoids.The non-surgical procedure is simple to use, well tolerated and requires no sedation or anesthetic. The Treatment is painless and performed during an eight to twelve minute office visit, requiring no special preparation – a fact patients greatly appreciate. Ultroid™’s value to the patient is in knowing relief can be attained rapidly. UltroidTM’s technology is unexcelled in hemorrhoid treatment, so you can be confident you have found the relief you have been hoping to discover. The Ultroid™ Hemorrhoid Management System provides a lasting solution the problem of hemorrhoidal disease, not just the symptoms.

The Ultroid™ machine is available for purchase or lease only to licensed physicians. If you are a physician or have a physician you would like to refer, please do not hesitate to contact Gary Schubach, Ed.D. at : Tel : (808) 250-9089
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