The elusive G spot–unlike the Abominable snowman, Bigfoot and the tooth fairy–does exist. If you haven’t found it yet on your lady friend (or figured out what to do with it!) then read on, for some amazing tips that is sure to make her putty in your…

You might want to read some of the articles that I have posted on my site regarding the G “spot” controversy (http://doctorg.com/g-spot/). Gräfenberg himself made it very clear that there is no spot “on the vaginal anterior wall at the posterior of the urethra.” However, what there is is a gland that completely surrounds the urethra. It most women it is located closest to the urethral opening. Just imagine the line of the urethra going up the middle of the groin to the bladder. You can stimulate the G Spot through the upper wall of the vagina, generally close to the vaginal opening OR sometimes by messaging it from the outside at a point just above the pubic bone. The woman should feel an initial desire to go to the bathroom which should let you know you are on the right track.


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