What’s the G spot? How can I find it? Learn tips, tricks and more information in this episode of Good Vibrations TV! Featuring Dr Carol Queen.


Grafenberg never meant spot. I believe it has been shown conclusively that the so called ‘g spot” is in fact, the Female Prostate or “prostata feminina.” This is discussed fully in my article,  The G-Spot is the Human Female Prostate.  Also, if you read The Original Grafenberg G Spot Article, it is clear that Grafenberg was talking about the female prostate. The term ‘G -Spot’ was a brilliant marketing term created by the publishers of the 1984 best selling book, “The G-Spot and Other Recent Discoveries About Sex.” It was an excellent choice in that the term ‘G-Spot’ has achieved high public recognition even though few people really understand what Grafenberg really meant.

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