Sexual Ecstasy

Ancient Secrets Of Sexual Ecstasy for Modern Lovers is an explicit instructional video in which the foremost teachers of Tantric sexual enhancement practices of the East share the secrets revealed in their best-selling books. It features Margo Anand (author, The Art of Sexual Ecstacy), Charles & Carolyn Muir (authors, Tantra, the Art of Conscious Loving), Nik Douglas & Penny Singer (authors, Sexual Secrets), David and Ellen Ramsdale (authors, Sexual Energy Ecstacy), Lori Grace (Celebrations of Love), Robert Frey and Dr. Joan Nelson

Ancient Secrets Of Sexual Ecstasy for Modern Lovers is beautifully filmed with high production values. Unlike most previous videos about the practice of Tantra, it is entertaining as well as informational, which is difficult for media which is attempting to educate. The essence of beauty in the portrayal of human sensuality involves the staging of scenes that are in a way similar to dance numbers, which are about the movement of bodies in space and time and the impressions that are created in the viewer’s mind. In that way, Ancient Secrets Of Sexual Ecstasy for Modern Lovers moves and flows like a dance, in coordination and harmony with the Tantric spirit and the music. 

The narration and the breaks for interviews and to give information are smooth and fluid and not al all abrupt or disturbing to the energy of the piece. The use of graphics, particularly the explanation of the Masters and Johnson Human Response Cycle and the differences between that model and the Tantric model are very effective in communicating the essences and differences in both views of human sensuality. Also, the demonstration by Lori Grace on breath and control of sexual energy is very effective and should be seen by all women. 

What I probably like the most about Ancient Secrets Of Sexual Ecstasy for Modern Lovers is the fact that, if someone knows nothing about Tantra and views this video in Iowa, Kansas or even on Mars, they can understand what Tantra is about. The essence of Tantra is explained very simply and very beautifully, in a way where viewers can receive simple, yet practical tools to enhance their sexuality and relationships.

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