female ejaculationFemale Ejaculation or “Amrita”

The question whether the phenomena known as Female Ejaculation, an expulsion of fluid by a woman during sexual arousal, is a natural orgasmic function or a sign of urinary incontinence, has been a major areas of continued controversy and debate among sex researchers, gynecologists and sex educators. Perhaps no sexual issue, including the question of clitoral vs. vaginal orgasms, have created as much public interest as female ejaculation. These subjects are continuing to attract the substantial attention of the public, particularly of women and their partners, as well as the so-called experts in human sexuality, because they are biological issues that have significant social ramifications.

Female Ejaculation: Questions

What would be the potential impact on our collective sexual belief systems (and actual behaviors/activities) if female ejaculation was considered a normal and pleasurable activity? While there have been written reports of female ejaculation since the days of Aristotle and Galen, discussing and identifying vaginal expulsions which did not seem to have the appearance or smell of urine and did not stain bed sheets, since the 1920’s the conventional medical establishment has dismissed “female ejaculation” as actually being a condition known as urinary stress incontinence.

Female Ejaculation: Misunderstandings

Female Ejaculation has been considered to be an undesirable bodily dysfunction. Many women have considered Female Ejaculation to be a source of personal shame or embarrassment that also frequently elicited disapproval from their sexual partners. Physicians have attempted to correct the condition, either by the use of Kegel exercises or by surgery. Furthermore, noted experts in the field of human sexuality such as Alfred Kinsey and Masters and Johnson dismissed female ejaculation as being an “erroneous but widespread concept. However, if it should turn out that these experts had underestimated the sexual capabilities of women’s bodies by portraying pleasurable sexual activities like female ejaculation as abnormal and/or imagined, it could have a significant effect on women’s views of their sexuality. If the evidence demonstrates that female ejaculation is a component of natural sexual functioning, during sex. More accurate and descriptive terms, such as a urethral expulsion rather than female ejaculation, should make it easier for everyone to understand the issues involved and to better serve women’s health needs. I have made that point repeatedly and the articles featured on DoctorG.com, make it the most comprehensive Female Ejaculation resource center on the Internet. More…female ejaculation



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