O Tapes Special Edition


Imagine, if you will, a hard-hitting, no holds barred, in-your-face documentary on the most taboo subject in contemporary society, female orgasm . Now imagine, if you can, making that film so skillfully and so thoughtfully that the end product is a breathtakingly beautiful work of art, and you will have some idea of what to expect from The O Tapes, a RoseWorks film. The sheer beauty of this film is almost distracting, and, in this case, that beauty goes clear to the bone. From its elegant simplicity, to the thoughtfulness of the questions, to the presentation of the women, to the supportive environment they were obviously able to create, this is a work of genius.

For example, instead of just filming a bunch of women answering questions, as most documentary makers would, the makers of this film had the wisdom and the sensitivity to present the women they interviewed at their very best. It’s almost like the women are sitting for formal portraits by one of the world’s top photographers, and we are eavesdropping on private conversations between the two of them. One can even imagine a top-notch portrait photographer asking such questions en route to getting some truly outstanding shots.

Fortunately, the content of The O Tapes is just as outstanding as the production values. Instead of trying to force all women into the same mold, as so many attempts to understand women have done, this film seems to celebrate the diversity of women. This variety is not only apparent in the racial diversity of the women interviewed, it is equally diverse in the women’s reactions and opinions. For example, in the section on the importance of penis size, opinions varied all the way from “very important” to “not a factor,” leaving viewers with the entirely correct notion that there is no “right answer” to the question of whether penis size is important.

To me, the most outstanding part of this outstanding film was the section on “faking it.” I remember thinking when the name of the section came up that, if there was going to be any bull in this film, it would surely be found here. Not only did these women have the courage and candor to admit they had faked orgasm, most expressed no hesitation to do so again in the future if conditions warranted. Faking orgasm was finally and correctly identified as the loving act of a woman who cares about her partner too much to ever let him think he failed as her lover. I think an awful lot of men are going to see this film and realize that it is unrealistic to think their women are not faking orgasm, at least occasionally, and that the only way to eliminate the need for such faking is for the woman to know that it really is okay if she doesn’t have an orgasm every time.

My highly respected film professor used to say that any critique of a piece of work should have something that is either lacking or doesn’t work perfectly. So, if there is anything that could be construed as criticism, it would be that there is so much content in the film that I hope that this filmmaker will make other films focusing on the subjects raised in The O Tapes.

This is a film you will want to have in your library because you will want to see it more than once. The second time you see it you will be amazed by how much you failed to notice the first time through, and the third time only slightly less so. There is so much content packed into this beautiful 90-minute film that you could probably watch it ten times and still not have gotten it all. Every time you play it, it will refresh your soul.


The O Tapes Movie
The O Tapes

How’s your sex life? . . . Don’t Ask? Well, The O Tapes did!




  1. Everything Starts Somewhere
  2. Hysteria
  3. Learning
  4. Masturbation
  5. Good Girl vs. Bad Girl
  6. The First Time
  7. The Big O
  8. The Clitoris
  9. Penetration
  10. Clitoral vs. Vagina
  11. F.S.D.
  12. Penis Size
  13. In the Bedroom
  14. When Nothing Happens
  15. Ida Craddock
  16. Oral
  17. Margaret Sanger
  18. Positions
  19. The G Spot
  20. Female Ejaculation
  21. Toys & Porn
  22. Kinky
  23. Faking It
  24. The Trouble with Men
  25. Self Image
  26. Climax

It started with some surprising statistics on orgasm in American women

• Today 43% of those American women are either non-orgasmic or will be non-orgasmic for some significant period in their lives.

• 38% of thousands of women responding to a recent nationwide survey reported that they have never experienced an orgasm through intercourse.

…that led to some important questions on female sexuality.

Question: How is it possible so little is known about female orgasm? Can these numbers be accurate?

Answer: Reported orgasm statistics are accurate … perhaps even a little low.

Question: Where is science of sexuality and the medical profession in all of this?

Answer: For generations science and the medical profession have ‘back-burnered’ female sexuality issues. Knowledge and research on orgasm is now effectively 20-30 years behind comparable sexuality work being conducted for men.

Question: Why aren’t more people aware of this? Is female orgasm unimportant?

Answer: There are some things…we don’t talk about. Orgasm in American women is one.

… that led to experts in the field of female sexuality

• “We have created an environment where there is almost a conspiracy of silence when it comes to sexuality” David Satcher, Surgeon General

• “In spite of the enormous pervasiveness of sexuality in our society and in the media, most women today simply do not have the information they need to have a satisfying sex life. We need to get these things out in the open!” Dr, Beverly Whipple, sex therapist research scientist, author of “The G Spot”

• “We’ve all heard the experts. There is way too little information from ‘real people’ about sexuality.” Lonnie Barbach, psychologist, sex therapist, Television & Radio personality, best-selling author of “For Yourself”

The remarkable women of The O Tapes Movie and experts in Female Sexuality agree:
It’s time to start talking about Orgasm in American women

images from The O Tapes Movie

… that led to 50 remarkable American women.

• From 16 to 84 years of age

• Of all ethnicities and from all walks of life.

• Heterosexual, lesbian, married, single, menopausal, seniors, etc.

• Real women talking about something… we don’t talk about – orgasm & sexuality

You’ve probably heard this one:

Question: What does it take to make a woman orgasm?

Answer: Who cares?! The women of ‘The O Tapes’ care.

Real Women. Talking about things… we don’t talk about. Sexuality & female orgasm.

‘The O Tapes’: an intimate experience in entertainment.





The O Tapes shed a delightfully revealing light on a most important and misunderstood subject: women’s sexual pleasure. . . . Watch this and be ready to be moved.”- Candida Royalle, Erotic film-producer and author of “How to Tell a Naked Man What to Do

“This is a way of educating women throughout the world (and I hope this goes throughout the world) to learn to feel good about whatever it is that gives them sexual pleasure and satisfaction.” – Beverly Whipple, Ph.D., RN, Author of The G Spot

“There is way too little good information from real people about sexuality. I mean we’ve heard all the experts, but it’s very different to hear ordinary women talking about their sexuality, and each one of them talks about what she likes and what she doesn’t like. It’s a liberating experience. It gives each of us permission to be who we are.” – Lonnie Barbach, Psychologist, Sex Therapist, Author

Everyone should see this movie. That is, everyone old enough to be interested in sex.” – Russell Alexander, San Francisco, CA

“Better than The Vagina Monologues…way, way better!” – Paul Wales, Boston, Mass

“I want men to see this. I want men to know what we feel.” – Carolyn Ayers, Los Angeles, CA

“It was hilarious. It was moving. It was sexy. It was informative. I want my husband to see this movie!” – Anika Marinelli, Los Angeles, CA

“Sex is a big important part of my life. I think it’s an important part of a lot of people’s lives – and those people are going to want to see this movie.” – Cheryl Flenoy, San Diego CA

Among the Subjects Covered in ‘The O Tapes’ is

Female Ejaculation:

“Yes, I do ejaculate. That’s a strange feeling like you’re going to pee, but it’s not urine. It’s like water.” – Virginia, 32 yrs.

The Big O (Orgasm):

“What does an orgasm feel like?… It’s starts with a tingling way down in my cootchie…” – Diane, 36 years

Sexual Dysfunction:

“It’s embarrassing to say, but I was 28 before I had my first orgasm.” – Jeanne, 36 yrs.

The Clitoris:

“The clitoris is the temple. It’s the pocket of your whole sexuality. That holds the key to making me smile.” – Cheryl, 30yrs.

Oral Sex:

“I love oral sex when it’s done right. And ‘compounded’ oral sex, using the fingers and the mouth…that’s amazing!” – Carol, 37yrs.

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