I am bewildered but not surprised at the reporting of the most recent study involving the G-Spot. As I have written in numerous articles in the past, stated simply, the G-Spot is the female prostate and the misunderstanding created by the term G Spot has contributed to and continues to contribute to the question as to whether the female prostate (G Spot) actually exists, where it is located, how it is properly stimulated, and whether all women have one.

The Italian ultrasound study is not the first to use ultrasound to confirm the existence of the female prostate (G Spot). Just last October, there was mass reporting of an Austrian ultrasound study that found evidence of the female prostate (G Spot).

The current study suggests that only women who experience vaginal orgasms actually have a G Spot (female prostate).My studies have shown that almost all women have prostates just as almost all men do. The inability to detect the female prostate (G Spot) by ultrasound in some of the women could an indication that female prostate (G Spot) was not sufficiently stimulated.

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