by Dr. Gary Schubach

As one of my teachers reminded me long ago, there is very little new thought, only improvements in the way that ideas are presented. In the case of David Deida’s video, Spirit – Sex – Love, I can recognize clear influences in his material from other disciplines and teachers. Yet it is his comfortable, down-to-earth style, confident flair in presenting the material, as well as his clarity and focus, that powerfully brings his audience to find their own awarenesses that greatly impressed me.



In this lively, fast-paced video, Deida focuses on universal relationship issues. He presents an enlightened model of conscious and unconditional love. It is a delight to see how this model plays out – we see men who have more command of their lives with more expression of their hearts. He shows us powerful and creative women being totally loved and supported by strong, yet sensitive men. It is a model where EVERYONE wins.

Just as in the recent popular movie, What Women Want, Deida gives us very real experiences of the things he believes women want from men. Specifically, he shows us that women really do appear to want a man who will help them have exquisite emotional and physical experiences where they will feel totally open and closer to god or spirit as they know it, once they know it is available.

In his presentation, Deida is totally brilliant. His appearance is pleasing and his gestures and body language are highly effective. Deida’s warmth and genuineness come through in the video. He appears to be a true consciousness warrior.

Spirit – Sex – Love is crisply edited so as to really engage the audience in the presentation of the material. While there are periods in which Deida is lecturing, either to the audience or by himself directly to the camera, the interspersing of the interactions between him and the live audience, allows viewers to have an experience of what Deida is talking about. Instead of the camera just sitting on a tripod with the talking heads presenting their views, the scenes frequently change with interesting camera angles and a “real” TV feel.

I wholeheartedly recommend this video to anyone interested in the subjects of sex, love and relationship. – Doctor G

P.S. I have alway said that this film is the Citizen Kane (the best) of sex education films. Credit for this wonderful film should really go to the filmmaker, Cynthia Connop of Enchanted Edge Media. Ms. Connop is also the director/producer of another of Doctor G’s favorite films,  The Tantric Secrets of Sacred Sex.

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