Beautiful Adult Films of Michael Ninn

Enigmatic director Michael Ninn remains one of the most fascinating, original and unpredictable talents in contemporary adult entertainment. In the nearly 10 years since Michael Ninn's first XXX feature, few adult directors have had a greater impact than Michael Ninn....

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The Elusive G-Spot

Tips on How to Find the Female G-Spot and Making Her Putty in Your Hands   The elusive G spot--unlike the Abominable snowman, Bigfoot and the tooth fairy--does exist. If you haven't found it yet on your lady friend (or figured out what to do...

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The Nine P’s of Great Cunnilingus

By Suzi Bite Copyright 1991 Utopia Publications There is a natural tendency for people to assume that whatever their own attitudes are, others must feel the same way. You socialize with people with whom you share values and beliefs and thus you project that the rest...

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Electric Treatment of Anal Hemorrhoids

By: Rick Shacket, DO, MD(H) Table of Contents DEDICATION | ACKNOWLEDGMENTS | INTRODUCTION | HEMORRHOIDS | In General | Etiology | Four Basic Types | A Common Misdiagnosis  | The Anoscopic Examination | UNDERSTANDING ELECTROMEDICAL CURRENTS | Basic Principles | General...

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The Ten Best Adult Films Of All Time

by Gary Schubach, Ed.D. These days adult films and the best porn movie videos offer a super selection of sensuality, sexuality, steamy stimulation and off-the-wall - on-the-couch - under-the-bed - in-the-restroom-of-a-747 - on-a-windswept-sailboat - up-a-tree and...

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