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Doctor Gary Schubach

Doctor Gary Schubach

Doctor G – Gary Schubach, Ed.D.

Gary Schubach, Ed.D. is a sex educator, lecturer and writer. He is currently Associate Professor of Human Sexuality at The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. His doctoral research project was a landmark study of the phenomena of female ejaculation and the so-called “G spot.” Dr. Schubach is considered one of the leading experts in the world in the area of the “G spot” and female ejaculation. provides one of the finest libraries on the subjects of female ejaculation and the so-called “G spot” on the internet.

Dr. Schubach is also an expert on sexuality in the media for both entertainment and educational purposes. This would include his perspectives on adult films (porn) as well as sexuality in Hollywood films. People have been fascinated by depictions of human sexuality since the times of paintings on the walls of caves. Today’s porn, particularly the availability internet porn, is a new age version of that natural curiosity about sex. Doctor G’s perspective, including his listing of the best adult films of all time, as well as reviews of quality porn films, are of service to the public.

Doctor G’s overall perspective is that our society does not teach people the necessary interpersonal relationship skills nor do people acquire that information naturally. Most people have the desire to know more about sexuality and how to relate successfully with another human being and create mutually satisfying relationships.

In most cases, so-called sexual “problems” are a result of learning deficits rather than as a result of psychological conflicts that can be treated with current models in mental health . In other words, given what most people are taught about sexuality in school, by their families and peers, their anxieties and difficulties are absolutely reasonable and understandable.

It is’s purpose to foster a more open and honest public dialogue about sexual issues, including porn films, female ejaculation and the so-called “G spot”, so that individuals and couples will have sufficient information upon which to make their own unique choices as to the kind of sexual relationships and activities that are appropriate to them. I believe that it is every person’s right to have a satisfying and fulfilling sex life as long as that practice does not infringe upon the rights of others.




G-Spot & Female Ejaculation

The G “Spot” Controversy

by Gary Schubach Ed.D.,A.C.S The term "G-Spot" was first introduced to the public at large in the book, The G-Spot and Other Recent Discoveries About Human Sexuality. It referred to a 1950 article in the International Journal of Sexology in which Dr. Ernest Gräfenberg...

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The G Spot and Female Ejaculation

  Introduction Complete Confidence To Feel Supreme Sexual Ecstasy The question of the sexual phenomenon known as female ejaculation and whether there exists a female erogenous zone popularly known as the "G-Spot" have been major areas of continued controversy and...

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Adult Films

Films Directed by Candida Royalle

Candida Royalle (October 15, 1950 – September 7, 2015) was an American producer and director of couples-oriented pornography, a sex educator, sex-positive feminist, and pornographic actress. She was a member of the XRCO and the AVN Halls of Fame. Candida Royalle first...

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Beautiful Adult Films of Michael Ninn

Enigmatic director Michael Ninn remains one of the most fascinating, original and unpredictable talents in contemporary adult entertainment. In the nearly 10 years since Michael Ninn's first XXX feature, few adult directors have had a greater impact than Michael Ninn....

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Other Interests

Could Israel have been located in Baja California?

by Gary Schubach, Ed.D. I recently came into possession of several letters, written in 1938, to my grandfather, Rabbi Joseph Jasin (1883-1968), by a group called NAI Judah, whose objective was “to unite the Jews of the world into one movement; to secure an undisputed...

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